Monday, June 18, 2012

HP 32Gb (review flashdisk cheap but optimal perform)

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Got this on a great sale.
1-      I've noticed no metal or durable materials on the drive.
2-      There's no status/activity light that I've noticed.
4-     The plastic casing is exactly's plastic, so don't expect it be feel indestructible like many of the aluminum/stainless steel-cased flash drives that are available on the market. The retractable USB head is a HUGE bonus, adding to the overall small design of the product. I like the flash drive, it works and does what I need it to do.
5-      Additionally, I seem to be averaging a 6.30MB/second data transfer rate...which is GREAT in my opinion
6-      I own one PC (Windows XP Professional SP3), one Macbook Pro (OSX Snow Leopard) and I use a Windows 7 (x64) PC at work, so I use this flash drive on all of these systems and have never experienced any kind of compatibility issues. The flash drive was immediately recognized/mounted on all three systems with no problems whatsoever.
7-      This comes from an HP employee who was being loyal by buying this HP product.

For those that are constantly disappointed by the formatted size not being the advertised size, READ THIS!
Manufacturers calculate storage size differently than your computer or other software. Manufacturers will take the bulk size in bytes (b) or kilobytes (kb) and dive by an even factor of 10, such as 1,000 kb = 1 megabyte (mb). This accounts for the size differences noted.
32 GB = 32,000 MB = 32,000,000 KB = 32,000,000,000 B
32,000,000,000 B = 31,250,000 KB = 30,517.58 MB = 29.80 GB
A manufacturer total of 32.00 GB verses a consumer usable 29.80 GB.
I've yet to see a disk-media manufacturer use consumer-side, usable-space math. Just remember this difference when you notice that you're "missing" storage space.
Formatting the drive was a breeze (since I wanted it formatted with a different file system than what it originally shipped with...which I BELIEVE was the standard FAT file system)...

Conclusion: if you have important data to store, please consider a much more sturdy design because this particular thumbdrive is very sensitive.
Well even so, the flash is nice to have the song file storage or our favorite movies. but because the price is cheap, it should be considered to have it as a complement to the computer and data storage needs.

Good price, very fast, Attractive design/portable, Large capacity/good size, Reliable,  Retractable USB head, small design, fast data transfer speeds,

 cheaply made of all plastic, No activity light, not designed for daily use, Construction.

HP v125w 32 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive P-FD32GHP125-EF

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